For the Love of Creating

My dear Aunt Donna had the patience to teach me to hand-piece and hand-quilt a small doll quilt  when I was 12.  I worked on it my entire visit that summer and my mom still has it.  It lovingly covers her sock monkey, Ziffield Horatio, in her bedroom to this  day. It was then that I knew I loved quilting but little did I know it would be some nine years later that the love would be renewed through new  techniques, encouragement to be  creative, and being reunited  through  someone with sheer natural talent  —  my (then) soon-to-be mother-in-law.

 set  straight  into  my  first  full-sized  strip-pieced,  hand-quilted,  72”x72” quilt.  You‘ll  see it hanging  in the  shop.  It has been  loved  and  used  and  treated  like  a  member  of  the  family.   It  made sense  it  debuted  in  the  store.

A recent  change  in  employers  for  my  husband brought  us  to  Winnipeg.  My  husband  is  back  in  his  hometown,  but  feeling  a bit like  a  fish out  of  water,  a  lucky  day  at  a  fabric  store  a  little  over  two  years  ago  connected  me  with  a  new  friend  and  an incredible  close-knit  community  of  quilters,  crafters,  and  genuinely  incredible  people  from  all  backgrounds,  all  skill  levels,  and  all  age  groups.  

My passion  for  quilt-making  was once again  restored!

My  first  full  year  here,  I completed  6  projects, my  next  full year  here  12,  last  year  18, and  last year, 4  quilts, countless samples  +  1  entire  quilt  shop!!!

Why  Design Wall?

Because  I wanted  to  help expand the  passion,  creativity  &  pure  enjoyment  of  those  around  me. One  of  my core  values  is  creating  something  where  once  there  was  nothing. What  better  way  than  through  that  which  I too  am  passionate?

To all those  who  learn  this  craft  through Design Wall, I dedicate  that  to  the  memory of  Aunt  Donna.

To all  those  who will  have  the  flame  sparked  or  rekindled,   I  dedicate  that  to  Kathy.

To  all  those  needing  to  find  their  way,  I welcome  you  to  Design  Wall  like Susan  welcomed  me  to  the  Winnipeg  community of quilters & artisans.

And last but certainly not least, I dedicate this dream to my husband as symbol of how love & respect can make all things possible. ILY

Sew happy to be here with you!  Sew excited to see your excitement too!

Thank you - you’re all the reason I’m here.

~Simone Clayton

Come for a Visit

My husband and I have worked together to create a true quilt shop in which for you to create, learn, and explore.

3242 Portage Avenue.